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Computer Repairer Insurance

Get A Computer Repairer Insurance Quote

You may be at the top of your game when it comes to repairing computers. You may be able to diagnose a problem instantly and fix it in no time at all. But things can sometimes go wrong, even for the best of us.

And if you do make a mistake, you’ll be liable for the consequences. Imagine if you were to accidentally cause some permanent damage to a customer’s hardware or inadvertently delete important data beyond the point of recovery. Even worse, imagine a customer were to have an accident on your premises or you were to be the cause of an accident in their home.

You could find yourself being sued. Possibly for a very large sum of money. And if you don’t have the protection of public liability insurance, you could be held personally liable for the whole lot. Plus all the legal bills.

So it really isn’t worth taking the risk, is it? Particularly not when you can arrange your cover in a matter of minutes and at a highly competitive price.

Click here for an instant public liability insurance quote.

We can also arrange a number of other insurances for you, all underwritten by top insurers, including:

  • employers’ liability
  • tools & equipment
  • personal accident & sickness
  • health & safety


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