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Damp Proofing Contractors Insurance

Get A Damp Proofing Contractors Insurance Quote

As a highly experienced Damp Proofing Contractor, you know only too well that if you don’t work with the greatest of care you could cause significant damage to a customer’s property. Even worse, if you leave tools and equipment lying around, there’s always the risk of a customer tripping over and suffering an injury.

And we do all make mistakes occasionally. Things can go wrong.

If they do, you could be faced with a substantial claim for damages. You could also find yourself liable for all the associated legal costs.

Without the protection of public liability insurance, that could leave your business – and you personally – in dire financial straits.

Fortunately, you can arrange all the public liability cover you need in just a matter of minutes. And at a highly competitive price.

Click here for an instant public liability insurance quote.

We can also arrange a number of other insurances for you, all underwritten by top insurers, including:

  • employers’ liability
  • tools & equipment
  • personal accident & sickness
  • health & safety
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