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To qualify for insurance available through this website we require you to meet the following eligibility requirements.

You agree that you or any partner or director or any other person responsible for managing the business have never been;
  1. convicted or charged (but not yet tried) with any criminal offence other than motoring offences or spent convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
  2. declared bankrupt or insolvent
  3. A director or partner of a company that went into liquidation or receivership
  4. the subject of a recovery action by Customs and Excise or Inland Revenue
  5. the subject of a Country Court Judgement/or the Scottish equivalent
  6. prosecuted during the last five years under any safety or environmental legislation

additionally you agree that;

  1. no work will be undertaken outside the UK, Northern Island, Channel Islands or The Isle of Man
  2. no work will be undertaken 5m above ground or 3m below ground
  3. no work will be undertaken at nuclear installations, blast furnaces, chimney shafts, collieries, dams, mines, steeples, towers, tunnels, viaduct, quarries, bridges, canals, docks, piers, wharves, pile driving, water diversion, power stations, offshore, specialist roofing work, explosives, sub aqua work, fuel depots, chemical works, railway premises, gas works, oil refineries or aircraft operational areas.
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