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Gas Engineer Insurance

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Training, qualifications, accreditations. It takes a lot to become a Gas Engineer. It takes even more to branch out on your own and set up as a self-employed Gas Engineer. So the very last thing you should do is gamble with your future by failing to protect yourself with the right gas engineer insurance.

No matter how careful you are, there are always things that can go wrong. And go wrong with serious consequences. Of course, there's the very worst case scenario of a gas explosion caused by an error or oversight on your part. But there are also plenty of other ways in which you could cause accidental damage to a customer's property, or even cause injury to a customer simply by leaving tools where someone could trip over them.

In any of the above scenarios, the customer is going to want compensation. And without gas engineer insurance that includes public liability cover, you could be facing a compensation award big enough to bankrupt you. Not to mention all the associated legal costs that you could also end up liable for. And don't forget that with all the ´┐Żno win, no fee' offers that we're bombarded with these days, people are only too ready to sue.

The good news is that we offer insurance for gas engineers at very attractive prices. Not just public liability insurance but also employers liability (a legal requirement if you employ any staff), tools insurance (and you don't need us to remind you just how costly it can be to replace them) and accident & sickness cover (who's going to pay the bills if you're unable to work?).

All of our policies are underwritten by top insurers. And you can arrange all of the cover you need, right here on this site, in just a matter of minutes. Click here for an instant gas engineer insurance quote.

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