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Gas Fitter Insurance

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You're qualified, you're Gas Safe registered and you're experienced. You're probably in big demand and your business is going well. But have you thought how easily that successful business could be taken away from you?

It doesn't matter how professional you think you are, everyone makes mistakes. And without the protection of gas fitters insurance, one simple mistake could threaten everything you've worked for. Just imagine � apart from the horror of explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning, you could easily cause injury to a customer simply by leaving tools or parts lying around where they can be tripped over. Installing pipework could easily result in rather more physical damage to a customer's property than you had anticipated.

Any such incident could result in you being sued for damages. If you don't have gas fitter insurance that includes public liability cover, those damages, together with all the legal bills, could leave you with a final bill more than big enough to threaten everything you've worked for.

There are other risks too. Tools are expensive, If they get stolen or damaged, could you afford to replace them? If you're unlucky enough to fall ill or get injured yourself, how are you going to cope without an income?

So make sure you have the insurance for gas fitters you need. It couldn't be easier to arrange � you can have everything in place in just a few minutes. All of our policies are underwritten by a leading insurer and offered at very competitive premiums. As you'll see if you Click here for an instant gas fitter insurance quote.

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