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PAINTER INSURANCE/ DECORATOR INSURANCE: Accidents Happen. Dont Let Them Put You Out Of Business.

Whether you're a sole trader or you run a contract business, if you're involved in painting and decorating, you need painter decorator insurance.

It's in the nature of the job that you spend most of your time at clients' premises using products that, when applied properly, can produce beautiful results. But when knocked over or applied carelessly (by a trainee, perhaps) can produce the kind of results that can be very expensive to put right.

And valuable furniture can get damaged. You might knock over what you thought was a cheap vase but was in reality an antique worth thousands.

Without public liability cover in your painter insurance, it will be you who has to foot the bill.

There are other things that can go wrong too.

You might leave a ladder in the wrong place or some tools lying around. If the customer trips over and injures himself he could make a claim against you. Could you afford the compensation payment that might be awarded? Or the legal fees you'd incur in defending yourself ?

Again, without painter decorator insurance, you could be in trouble. Everything you've worked for could be at risk.

Talking of tools and equipment, you might want to include those in your decorator insurance. You know what it's like. They go missing. They get damaged. If you've invested in anything that you couldn't easily afford to replace, add tools and equipment cover to your painter decorator insurance for extra peace of mind.

And don't forget, if you employ any staff, you'll need to include employers' liability in your insurance package. It's a legal requirement.

Dont run risks when you can protect yourself against them. Follow the link to get your painter decorator insurance.

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Our painter insurance service offers the very best protection to both sole trader and large contract painting firms.

With prices starting from just £50.40 per annum you can fully insure your painting & decorators business without breaking the bank. To get a cheap painter insurance quote please click here.

By the nature of their work, painters and decorators spend the majority of their time on other peoples premises, be it in a customers home or commercial building. Decorator insurance is therefore essential as it protects one's business from unforseen mistakes & accidents. If you were to damage a clients property or injure a customer whilst working on site our public liability insurance will cover your business against any negligence claims up to a maximum £5,000,000. 

It could be that you have employees or sub-contract labor from time to time. If this is the case, it is a legal requirement that you have employers liability insurance. Our painters and decorators insurance scheme offers up to £10 million employers liability cover. So if one of your employees gets injured at work you can sleep easy knowing any compensation payments will be covered.

If you require tools insurance, our tools and equipment insurance offers up to £5,000 cover from just £40.00 per annum.

You have the freedom to select the right coverage limits for your business. If you need any advice on painters and decorators insurance please call our customer services team on 03333 211403 or email

5-Oct-2010 Category: Article, Painter Insurance, Decorator Insurance by Decorator Insurance Brokers

PAINTER / DECORATOR INSURANCE: Losing Your Livelihood Is As Easy As Falling Off A Ladder

 A small investment in painter and decorator insurance now could save you a lot of money (as well as time and aggravation) in the future. In fact, it could possibly save you from losing everything you’ve worked for.

Just suppose that you have an assistant working for you and he injures himself - falls off a ladder, perhaps. There’s a real risk he could make a claim against you, arguing (or his ‘no win, no fee’ lawyers arguing) that you hadn’t taken proper care to ensure that he had positioned the ladder properly. Without a painter insurance package that includes employers’ liability cover, you could be left having to find the money to pay a compensation payment running into thousands plus legal costs that are likely to be just as expensive.

Oh, and you’d also be facing a hefty fine because if you do employ anyone, even on a casual basis, you’re required by law to have employers’ liability cover.

And it doesn’t have to be anything quite so dramatic for you to still be very glad of your painter decorator insurance.

It’s in the nature of your job that you spend most of your time working at clients’ properties, whether residential or commercial. And no matter how careful you are, accidents happen.

Imagine that you spill paint on an office computer or you knock a customer’s antique vase off a mantelpiece. You’re going to be held liable for the full replacement cost
and if you don’t have painter insurance which includes public liability cover, you’re going to have to find it out of your own pocket.

Does your ‘rainy day’ fund stretch to buying valuable antiques?

The good news is that it couldn’t be easier to arrange the painter and decorator insurance you need. All you have to do is click here.

3-Oct-2010 Category: Article, Painter/ Decorator Insurance by Painter Insurance Brokers