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Here's a cautionary tale. About plumber insurance. And it all begins when a plumber - let's call him ... how about ... you - is distracted one day and forgets to put an important seal in place when working on the installation of, say, a customer's new bathroom. A leak develops, behind the scenes, and thousands of pounds worth of damage is done to the décor and the fittings of the kitchen below.

Now, you don't have any plumbers insurance. Or, if you do, it doesn't include public liability insurance. Here's how the story unfolds.

The customer, who blames you for what has happened, makes a claim against you through his lawyers. Which leaves you with very little choice but to find your own solicitor (and they don't come cheap.) Having looked at the claim, he explains that you have a choice.

You can settle out of court, which means you'll have to pay an agreed compensation figure (and remember, the damage ran to thousands of pounds) as well as his bill. Or you can have your day in court. But if you lose, you could be facing an even bigger compensation payment and not only your own legal costs but possibly the customer's legal costs on top of that. Even if you win, you might still have to pay your own legal fees. And whatever happens, the whole process will have cost you a lot of time and worry..

Of course, if you had taken out the right kind of plumber insurance then, once you had given your insurance company all the relevant information, you could simply have got on with working for your other customers happy in the knowledge that, whatever the outcome, it wouldn't be you footing any of the bills.

And the moral of the story? Simply follow the link to find out more about insurance for plumbers.

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plumber insurance policies

provide comprehensive cover to self employed plumbers and plumbing contract firms.
We offer

low cost plumber insurance

from just £161 pa, underwritten by Brit Insurance, one of the UK's top insurers. Why not see how much money we can save you by getting your cheap plumbers insurance quote here.

By working in customers homes, on a business premises or a construction site, plumbers are exposed to all manner of risks. For example a water mains pipe you are working on might burst and flood a room, causing property damage. A customer might trip up over your tools and injure themselves. An employee might fall ill or have an accident at work and claim compensation from you. Our plumber insurance cover protects your business against real life claims like these. They not only cover compensation payments if it is proved you have been negligent but also cover legal fees & costs. Like it or not, more and more people now take legal action if mistakes are made, so it pays to have the best protection around. 

Our insurance for plumbers includes;

Public liability insurance: Public liability insurance for plumbers covers compensation costs to members of the public for injury, death, or damage to their property. We offer three levels of public liability cover (£1million, £2million & £5 million)

Employers liability insurance: Employers liability insurance for plumbers covers compensation costs if a member of your staff falls ill or has an accident at work. By law any company who employs staff (full time or temporary) must have £5 million employers liability insurance. We offer £10,000,000 EL cover as standard.

Tools / Equipment insurance: Tools equipment insurance for plumbers covers compensation costs if your tools get damaged, lost or stolen. We offer five levels of cover from min £1,000 up to max £5,000.

Simply choose your preferred coverage limits we can you on cover in minutes. The policies are specifically worded for plumber's providing extra peace of mind.

If you have any questions about which

plumber liablity insurance

is right for you, or need help with a quote please call our customer services team on 03333 211403 or email

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