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Roofing Contractor Insurance

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You wouldn't be a successful Roofing Contractor if you weren't acutely aware of the risks associated with working at height. But do you have the right roofing contractors insurance in place to protect you against the possible financial consequences of those risks?

Have you thought about the injuries you could cause to customers or members of the public if tiles or tools slip off a roof you're working on? Without roofing contractors insurance which includes public liability cover any injury that occurs could result in you having to foot the bill for a huge claim for damages. You could also end up liable for all the legal costs as well. Do you really think you could afford that?

And what about accidents at work involving your staff? They could sue you too. In fact, as an employer, you're obliged by law to hold employers liability insurance. So that part of your roofing contractors insurance isn't an option.

There are other issues too. What if you were to fall ill or suffer an injury yourself and couldn't work? The bills would still be coming in but the income wouldn't be. However, if your insurance for roofing contractors includes accident & sickness cover, you'd be spared that financial worry.

You might also want to think about your tools and equipment. Everyone knows how easily they can get damaged or go missing. With tools insurance as part of your roofing contractor insurance package, you could replace them straight away without having to worry about the cost.

So there's a lot to think about. But the good news is that it couldn't be easier to arrange the insurance you need � all policies underwritten by a top insurer - and at highly attractive rates. You could have the whole job done in a matter of minutes.

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