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CLEANERS INSURANCE: Dont Let Your Business End Up In A Financial Mess

Whether you clean people's homes or office premises or provide a specialist service such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, you really don't want to be without cleaners insurance

Because without it, your business really could end up in a financial mess.

The fact is that in the cleaning business there are so many things that could go wrong. So many things that could lead a disgruntled client to make a claim against you.

For example, however careful you are, you might easily break something valuable in a customer's home.

In cases like these, without cleaner insurance, you could be faced with having to make full compensation. Are you sure you could afford it without the cover of a cleaner insurance package that includes public liability cover?

And talking of staff, if you do employ people and your cleaners insurance doesn't include employers' liability cover, you could be breaking the law and liable for a very substantial fine.

So dont allow your business to end up in a financial mess. Follow the link to find the insurance for cleaners your business needs.

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 Our cleaning insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage to UK cleaning firms from just £50.40 pa.

Why not see how much money we can save you by getting your cheap cleaning liability insurance quote here.

We insure a wide range of cleaners including commercial cleaning contractors, residential/domestic cleaners, window cleaners and carpet / upholstery cleaners  to name a few. Providing you meet our eligibility criteria we can cover your cleaning business in a matter of minutes & provide instant access to policy documentation.

In today's litigious society, we are seeing more and more claims against cleaning contractors so it pays to guard against the unexpected. By getting your cleaners insurance with us you are buying quality cover underwritten by one of the UK's top insurers, Brit Insurance. So if things do go wrong, you can expect the very best financial support.

In partnership, we have developed industry specific policies that protect cleaning contractors against day-to-day risks such as property damage, treatment risks, loss of customer keys, theft of customers goods, mis-use of a clients  telephone and much, much more. 

Our cleaners liability insurance package includes public liability insurance (max £5million) employers liability insurance (max £10 million) and tools/equipment insurance (max £5,000). You can choose the coverage limits that best suit your needs. If you have any questions or need help on a quote please call our cleaning insurance team on 0161 822 3100.

5-Oct-2010 Category: Article, Cleaners Insurance by Cleaning Insurance Brokers